Flare is looking for leaders. We have a limited number of positions available for students who are active, social, and care deeply about creating an impact on their campus and in their community. We are striving to build a group of ambassadors who represent diverse backgrounds, points of view, and experiences, whose common bond is wanting to make the world a safer place for all of us.

As a Flare Ambassador, you’ll support our team through marketing, pr, social media, blogging, attending events, and representing the Flare brand. We’ll support you with a great opportunity on our team— a quickly growing startup that is using design and technology to change how the world sees safety. In addition to incentives, you’ll get some great perks like discounts and freebies for yourself and friends, as well as bonuses, giveaways, and more.

What Ambassadors can expect from Flare:

  • A free Flare bracelet and membership for you (and free upgrades as new product is available!)
  • Discounted product for your friends
  • Free swag and giveaways for you and your friends
  • Exclusive discounts on our partner’s products
  • Performance bonuses.
  • Unique hands-on experience working in an environment where we want to hear your ideas and opinions.
  • Excellent resume-building experience with direct support from the Flare team

What we’re looking for in Ambassadors:

  • You care deeply about making the world a safer place and are passionate about issues like women’s rights, equality, and preventing sexual assault.
  • You are a full-time undergraduate student with at least 1 year of school remaining.
  • You have a special interest in startups, especially those at the intersection of hardware and software.
  • You’re active and social; you enjoy attending events both on and off-campus.
  • You love social media and enjoy sharing the things that are important to you with family and friends online.

What we’re asking of our Ambassadors:

  • A commitment to wearing your bracelet and making Flare part of your everyday life
  • Sharing information around important Flare dates and events like product launches, campus events, and promotions
  • Being an advocate for Flare in your community; telling your family and friends about Flare, as well as promoting safety, equality, and compassion in all that you do.
  • Attending events on and off campus on behalf of Flare.
  • Attending, or calling-in to the monthly Ambassador meeting so you can learn about new features and developments, as well as more opportunities to get involved with the brand.
  • Be willing to offer formal and informal feedback on the Flare brand via surveys, focus groups, and meetings.

You can become an ambassador and work in the following areas:

Digital: marketing, social media, design, website

Content: writing, creating videos.

Events and Partnerships: responsible for on-campus event coordination or forming partnerships with campus orgs and local brands.

Campus Operations: responsible for recruiting, program standards, feedback, program growth