We are a small team of highly-efficient, scrappy, mission-driven innovators, operators, creatives, and thinkers. Launched in 2020, Flare is the fastest growing safety brand. Our connected bracelets save lives by providing users with discreet backup in iffy situations. Get out of unsafe situations with the push of a button. Always have immediate access to our software platform. To us, safety means feeling peace of mind no matter where you are or who you are with. It's about agency: control, confidence, and independence. Not Fear.

“Flare — which was named one of TIME‘s best inventions of 2020 – stands apart from traditional safety tools such as pepper spray and whistles with its discreet, undetectable design and reliable functionality. An innocuous accessory that doesn’t make any noise, Flare won’t escalate an already high-stakes situation. And unlike the buddy system, which seems smart in theory but often goes awry, the bracelet accounts for the nuances of social situations by providing an escape route that won’t blow users’ cover or reveal that they’re feeling uncomfortable…The device gives users control — and therefore confidence — by providing the option for an instant escape.” – Hypebae

  • Purpose driven organization

  • Medical and dental

  • Flexible vacation policy

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Small entrepreneurial team

  • World-class prototyping shop



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Meet our team

  • Quinn Fitzgerald


  • Sara de Zárraga

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Javier King

    Software Engineer

  • Alina Heim

    Marketing Manager

  • Alexandria Fuertes

    Customer Experience and Community Manager

  • Jona Raphael

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Katherine Dickhaus

    Customer Support