About Flare

Flare creates safety products for women in college that don't suck. Created by women for women, Flare is smart jewelry with a secret button to help you get out of any situation (whether you're stuck in an uncomfortable conversation with a rando at a party or in a #metoo moment). Flare’s subtle escape button enables you to make an exit before it becomes an emergency by causing an interruption and creating an excuse with a fake phone call that looks and feels like a real call. Or you can send a message to your friends with your location and ask them to check up on you.

Sara and Quinn met as students at Harvard Business School and quickly bonded over their shared experiences with sexual assault and the vision that every woman and girl deserves the power and confidence to boldly live the life she chooses. From that vision, Flare was born.

Flare is launching on college campuses starting in Spring 2019! Apply now to help us launch the product on your campus. Join us for an incredible opportunity to be a part of something that will have a real, positive impact on the world and change the lives of women everywhere!


  • Proudly represent Flare on campus (in-person and online)
  • Serve as an information resource for students (and parents)
  • Be a social media ambassador for the brand and the product on Instagram, Snap, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Increase the number of customers on campus. Activities include:
    • Distributing referral codes and discounts to your classmates
    • Collecting sign-ups from incoming students and their parents
    • Tabling at events and giving away swag/promotional materials
    • Getting creative in planning campus events sponsored by Flare
  • Distribute marketing materials such as posters, flyers, stickers, promo cards, etc throughout campus
  • Work with on-campus organizations and university departments to get the word out
  • Share user feedback with the Flare team to make improvements


  • You care deeply about combating sexual harassment and assault and you’re fed-up with the ongoing threats to women’s rights, safety, and wellness
  • You're a self starter, a hustler, and love to make shit happen
  • You're a full-time undergraduate student
  • You're involved in multiple campus groups (greek life and women’s organizations are a plus)
  • You're available to work off-campus events in Boston with the rest of the team
  • You're able to commit 5 hours per week on average


  • A free bracelet and subscription for you (and free upgrades as new product is available!)
  • Discounted product for your friends
  • Free swag and giveaways for your friends
  • Performance bonuses
  • Unique hands-on experience working in an environment where we want to hear your ideas and opinions
  • Excellent resume-building experience with direct support from Flare’s two female-founders